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Small-time to Big-time

I am not only a local Radio Personality, I am also an International Reporter! Today I received accreditation as a member of the press for Celtic Connections 2007, a big music festival in Glasgow. Apparently they are desperate for good coverage among the Mendocino County cognoscenti. (My show is Oak & Thorn, a program of Celtic music broadcast and Webcast Sundays from 9-11 Pacific time, on

The main thing this gives me, besides a few passes to shows, is access to artists for interviews. I'm hoping to take a minidisc recorder and get some soundbite material to incorporate on the radio show. There's a guy on another station who has clips of Willie Nelson saying things like, "You're listening to KMUD, my favorite radio station in Garberville California" and giving the call sign announcement. I think it would be awesome to get some great Scottish musician doing that in an incomprehensible Scots brogue, or even in Gaidhlig.

Of course I might strike out altogether, as there are said to be around 450 accredited members of the media at this event. Celtic Connections is huge, last year there were over 300 events. If anyone finds out how small my listener base is, I could get roundly snubbed!

So - does anyone have some tips on how to conduct these interviews, and how to record them?
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