albionwood (albionwood) wrote in publicradio,

Field recording tech

After too many hours of online research, I've decided minidiscs have no future. Sony hamstrung them with their piracy paranoia. Inability to transfer digital content from the MD makes them too clumsy to use, now that other alternatives are available.

The two best options right now appear to be:

1. The latest iPod (variously called "video" or "5G") claims to record at "CD-quality" 44 MHz. It requires an add-on microphone adaptor, of which there are currently only three options, all of which have appeared in the past few months.

2. A whole new class of solid-state recording devices that use memory cards (CF, SD, XD) or thumb drives. As these get bigger and cheaper, this technology will probably take over.

My wife has an 80GB iPod, so I'm getting one of these. Hope it works, because there probably won't be enough time to get familiar with something else before Celtic Connections.
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