albionwood (albionwood) wrote in publicradio,

Pledge drive success

KZYX just completed its Spring Pledge Drive. We pulled in more money in less time than ever before. Last year the Spring drive was 12 days long - this year it was finished in 7.5 days, and we pulled in 10% more money.

I'm curious if this is consistent with other stations this year, or if it is a direct result of the training we took. The station brought in a fellow named Mike Wallace, who led some workshops to train us programmers in how to do better pledge pitching. I thought it was extremely informative and valuable. Mike showed us the results of some Audience Research Analysis and how to apply that to improve the effectiveness of pledge drive. At the same time, we worked on improving the listen-ability of our pitches, to reduce the "tune-out" response.

My co-host and I applied these methods and raised as much money in one show as we normally do in two. Plus, it was easier and more enjoyable, because we didn't feel like we were flailing around on our own - the structure Mike taught us made it easier to stay focused. The listener response was very positive.

Anyone have other experience with pledge drives and techniques?
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